The Autumn Leaves Project Charity Print Update

(Original Blog Post from August 15, 2016)

It started off as a little bit of fan-art.  Seeing I was going to a concert in September, I thought I would put something together as a gift.  I shared it on a Facebook Fan Page and BOOM! The response was amazing!  After a lot of encouragement from certain special people and after getting permission to do it - I turned the cut into fine art prints.  And what a great opportunity to raise some money for Butch's charity The Autumn Leaves Project.

For those who don't know singer/songwriter/producer Butch Walker - seriously, do yourself a favor and check him out at The man is a legend. Even better - catch one of his upcoming tour dates - you will thank me!  And new album out August 26th.

And The Autumn Leaves Project?  Well it was founded by Butch Walker in honor of his late father Butch Walker, Sr, by proudly partnering with the Nikki Mitchell Foundation (supporters are Jamey Johnson, Keith Urban, etc). A wonderful Nashville based non profit organization that is fighting the fight against pancreatic cancer, in honor of Waylon Jennings’ manager (Nikki) during the later days of Waylon’s successful recording career.  You can find out more here

At the current time, the prints and hand carved limited edition papercuts have raised $405 for this wonderful charity!