Handmade with Love?

(Original Blog Post November 21, 2017)

Such a cliché right? With love? Really? Do such platitudes actually mean anything? Well, in our case - yes! Every work of art we create is a labor of love and it's what goes on behind the scenes that make our items "Handmade with Love":

Every time a client asks me to create an artwork for them, I like to spend time getting to know exactly what they want and helping them to find the perfect reference photos. I spend hours adjusting my designs to ensure they will look amazing in the finished piece.

Each piece is then painstakingly hand carved using a scalpel knife. The average artwork takes between 15 to 25 hours (some even more) to complete and up to 50 blades depending on the size and complexity of the subject. While cutting I keep the original reference photo nearby so I can see how the project is comparing to the original photo and ensure I am capturing the essence of my subjects. Each carved layer is adhered to the previous layer using various different adhesives, dependent on the piece being glued.

Once the artwork has been completed, it is framed up. This in itself can be a process as I meticulously clean off the frame and glass to ensure it is free of paper dust and specks. After all, we want the artwork to be immaculately displayed for your viewing pleasure.

Before I send out the artwork, I always send photos to make sure the client is happy with the finished work.

I love what I do and have spent many years perfecting my skills to create artworks that you can be proud of. So when we say "Handmade with Love", it's not just a phrase - it's our mission statement!